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October 2011 Weddings


What are your thoughts? I for sure want one, but my bridal shop doesn't have many. I've been looking for ideas online, but it's hard to tell quality from junk in a picture  ( for me anyways ) Know of any reputable sites that sell veils? I need ideas!

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Re: Veils?

  • I am going to wear one but I didnt want to spend a ton of $$ on something that Im only going to wear for a short amount of time, so Im just making my own. I bought my veil tule of ebay, My dress is gold so i needed a golden colored tule.
    You could try etsy.com
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  • I got mine from davids bridal
  • I plan on getting one but something simple to match my dress. Also I plan on just wearing the veil for the ceremony and taking it off for the reception. So I'm looking for something super cheap.

    I've been checking out the wedding classifieds to find something on there.
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  • I'm so on the fence with this one. I think it depends what kind of dress I get. I just really don't want it on for all the pictures and I'd probably take it off after our first dance so I don't know if that'd be a pain in the you-know-what. Google stores in your area before you go online to buy it. Searching for bridal boutiques near the first store I am going to try on dresses I came across a store that sells all veils & jewelry. I am going to check it out after I find my dress. I'd definetly try David's Bridal also. 
  • I bought my veil from the bridal shop with my dress. And the only reason why I got it is because my God Mother offered to pay for it since we got my dress two weeks before my birthday. The Veil was $200.00 which was more than I wanted to spend since I am only wearing it for the ceremony and pictures!! They wanted me to drop $189 on a HEADBAND to go with it and I thought they were out of their minds!

    I browse the classifieds board everyday and they are always veils on there! :) And I agree with some of the girls above.... Etsy! :)
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  • I got my veil & headband at DB, it was expensive but my Mom insisted on it because it matched with the dress & completed "the look".
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  • I think I'm skipping one and instead going with one of those large flower fainciator thingies.
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  • If I go with a birdcage veil, I think I'm going to try the DIY thing. If I go with a floor length one, I'll probably look on Etsy or for something from a local designer because I really like to support small business owners. It will really all depend on the venue and dress, neither of which have been decided yet. Or maybe I won't do one at all!
  • I was completely AGAINST a veil...until I put one on with my gown.  :)  I'm just wearing it for pictures and the ceremony, it's comin off after that!  But I refuse to spend more than like $40 for something I'm wearing for a few hours :P
  • I'm not sold on wearing a veil - although my Mom almost cried when I told her that.  ;)  If I do wear one, I'm just going to wear my sister's from her December 2009 wedding...  If I wear it, it'll be for ceremony, pictures, first dance - then off with it!
  • I also am just doing the veil for the ceremony and pictures.  I was super cheap and bought mine at Hobby Lobby, they are $14.99 each and then I had a 40% one item coupon, so I paid about $9 something for mine, and I love it!  It is very simple and has scalloped edges for detail.  I am also looking for little jewels to put in my hair so that the back of my hair has some bling for the ceremony and reception!

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  • They also have veils at Michaels for around $15, if you have a coupon it is at least worth a shot to see if it'll go with your dress :) I don't think I will be wearing one. Will probably get some sort of a floral hair piece
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  • I was going to DIY my veil since they are crazy expensive.  However, when my dad came with me to get my dress and the consultant put a veil on, my dad insisted that we just get the veil there.  It does match the dress really well and he really liked it, which I thought was sweet.  It was expensive (around 180 I think), but my dad insisted.  Otherwise, I definitely would have gone the DIY route.  I saw in the bridal aisle at Hobby Lobby, they have little pamphlets/sheets that tell you how to add to their veils or make your own.  Plus their bridal stuff goes half off about once a month, so that would be a good time to get one there
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  • I wasnt sold on a veil either, till I put one on with my dress and the salesperson said, when are you ever going to get a chance to wear one again. 

    They are just so expensive... the one that matched my dress was 200.00.  Not in my budget at all. 

    If I can find a cheap one that matches my dress I will wear one for the ceremony only.  But its going to have to be CHEAP.
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  • Also look around the for sale boards on here and on your local board...One of the girls on my local board had a gorgeous crystal outlined veil she wanted rid of for cheap. There's some good deals from the married knotties.
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  • I am appauled by the cost of veils!  It just doesn't seem right to me that DB charges like $200 for a small piece of fabric.  I love the look of mantilla veils so I bought this one from Etsy:


    It's gorgeous.  But, it does need some bling so I'm beading it.
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  •  http://www.diamondweddingveil.com/

    hi ,i got an amazing veil on this site ,it was $39.99 and really good quality,exactly like the veil i tried in the bridal store for $150.00
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