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October 2011 Weddings

Date vs. FBIL

Ideally I'd like to get married mid or late Oct. 2011.  Randomly last night it's brought up that we can't have a fall wedding because my FBIL is a college football coach (not D1 or anything, just a 2-year D3 school) and wouldn't be able to come.  My DREAM is to have a fall wedding and I don't think I should have to plan my special day around his football game schedule.  I think if he knows this far in advance he can certainly make arrangements with his fellow coaches and miss one game to attend and be in his wife's brother's wedding.  Am I being unreasonable?

Re: Date vs. FBIL

  • Somewhat.  Just because it is your wedding day, does NOT mean everyone is going to be as excited about it or plan their lives around it.  And they shouldn't have too.  Do it when you AND your FI want to have the wedding and don't worry about anyone else.  Talk to your FI...this is his wedding as well.
  • Well, future-mrs is right.  And remember you cant please everyone, its just impossible.  And, its you and your FI's special day... do what works for the two of you.

    I always wanted a night wedding... with lots of candlelight. Now I'm getting married at 1:00, in the afternoon lol.  My FI wants the end of the reception send off and to be on a plane that night as husband and wife off to our honeymoon. And flights to where we plan on going leave 3 times a day, 8am, 2pm amd 7pm.  Soooo thats what were doing :) It's really important to him, and it outweighs the time frame for me.

    You guys will find a solution.  :)
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  • If you both want an October wedding then have an October wedding. Your FBIL will be in attendance if he wants to be.

    If your fiance doesn't want an October wedding then you need to find another day. Simple as that.

    You will never be able to please everyone. There is no possible way that you can make your wedding fit around everyone's schedule. There will always be that one person who will have some sort of conflict or issue with the time of day (etc.).

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  • what everyone else said. you'll figure something out. don't plan around FBIL. Plan around your FI and yourself.
  • Talk to your fiance's brother and see if it'd be possible for him to miss the one game. If there's no way he can/he isn't comfortable with it, then I'd consider another date assuming that he and your fiance have a good relationship and are close.
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