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Up to her old tricks

i apologize in advance for any typos, our laptop is in for repairs so I'm forced to knot on my phone.

So after our conversation/argument the last week, MIL sent my mother a Facebook message telling her about the whole thing (No, I have no idea why so don't bother asking).
She told her about the "issues" she had with the wedding and then went on to say that her relationship with ne us very important to her and that she has "supported" us (read: bought us things) since we moved, and then goes on to say how she "gladly" did all these things for me. The problem here is, she completely twists the story around to make me sound like a brat.
For example, when we moved to the apartment almost 2 years ago, we had no washer and dryer. Which was fine, I've frequented many a laundrymat in my day. Of course, I was also 7 months pregnant and planning to cloth diaper. So I did what any sane (broke) person does and began scouring craigslist for a good deal. She kept offering for me to come do the laundry at her house, etc etc. I really didn't want to. And of course as we were preparing for the baby to come, I wanted to wash all his things and wanted to do it in my own facilities (I think anyone whos had kids will get that). Point is, I was actively looking for a washer/dryer and trying to coordinate with H when he could get his dads truck to go pick some up.
One day, she ambushed us and made us go to Sears and look at sets with her. I tried to avoid the topic for weeks, but she doesn't give up easily and I was somehow duped into a trip to Lowe's and before I knew it she had bought us a washer and dryer. Which, don't get me wrong, we are VERY grateful for, but I'm now beginning to see the strings that came along with it. She's going to hd them over our heads until we're all dead and probably even longafter.
Anyhow, there were 3 or 4 examples as such where she turned it around into "Laura wanted this or Laura was upset they didn't have that and I GLADLY took her shopping". Basically she's painted me an ungrateful twatwaffle.
THEN she goes on to say how the kiddo is "so attached" to her because she takes care of Jim all the time and how she's trying to cherish these first few years because they are gone so fast. And I guaranfuckingtee she only said those things to upset my mother who lives far away. There was NO other reason to say those things. God she's such an asshole.
The best part though was she closed with "I really don't think I'm an interfering mother in law".

So she went out of town for thanksgiving and I saw on Facebook she wrote on H's ex's wall "hi beautiful, are you coming into town? I'll be away this weekend but maybe we can meet up at Christmastime".

I hope my mom tells her to eff off.
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