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October 2011 Weddings

MOB and MOG dresses?

I told my mom and FMIL that I didn't care what they wore, as long as their outfit matched the wedding colors and theme. FMIL said she'd wait until after my mom picked something before she'd pick her's.

My mom is having a hard time finding anything. She doesn't often wear fancy dresses, so she wants to buy something fairly cheap (under $100) because she'll probably never wear it again. I told her to buy something more casual, but we're having trouble finding one that will fit her. She thinks she has fat arms and refuses to wear anything sleeveless, she thinks she has fat legs so she wants something that goes at least past the knees. 

What are your mom's wearing?  Do you know any good places that I could get a dress that might work for her?

Re: MOB and MOG dresses?

  • After looking all over, check out www.Dillards.com  Their online selection of tasteful and refined gowns was reasonably-priced, and they shipped it to me in less than a week.  I ordered 5, picked out two gowns from  the shipment, and shipped the rest back to them.  I liked them all!!  I seem to think that elegant and refined is a gown with good fabric, elegant lines, and is more understated than an overblown, frumpy bunch of chiffon.  Good luck!!
  • Yes!!!  I just ordered 5 gowns from the large selection at www.Dillards.com, and they all were PERFECT!!  They fit me perfectly, and I am a tall, larger woman.  I wanted them all, but sadly, had to choose only two (one for the rehearsal and one for the wedding).  It was the easiest clothes purchase I have ever made!!
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