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October 2011 Weddings

Re: Marco!

  • Polo!

    I feel like crap and I have a baby shower to go to. what fun this will be. (and I know no one at this shower but the mother to be..)
  • Bummer. I don't feel well either. I had a nightmare last night that woke me up. I'm waiting for H to get home so we can go see my family. My sister's family is up from NC. I haven't seen my 3 year old niece since the wedding so I'm excited to see her.
  • Exciting. Hope it went well. It's scary to see how fast nieces and nephews grow when you don't see them very often. 
  • Polo!

    I was at work all day. With a bunch of yeh-hoo employees and customers. FML
  • Polo!  I don't feel great either :-/  My head just started hurting, but my stomach has been "bleh" all day :-( 
    Today I had a garage sale with my mom.  Did pretty decent too!  My niece turned 3 today, so I was with my DH's family all evening (while DH was only there for a couple of hours because he had to work)
    Tomorrow is going to be a chill day I hope, but probably not!  I gotta get back to the gym, and I'm sure I'll find something to do to work on the house.

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  • Polo!

    Big Bad Voodoo Daddy was at the casino about an hour north of here on Friday; Vhati was able to switch his shifts so we could go up; we had a great time.  Got to meet (and get autographs from) the whole band, and had got pictures with Scotty Morris (the lead singer).

    Vhati & Scotty

    Me & Scotty

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  • Polo!

    I'm here reading but haven't felt up to posting responses. Our holiday weekend was fantastic even though I felt so crummy I slept through most of it. H and I saw MIB 3 this weekend since I was feeling okish and wanting to do something fun. I didn't love it and still prefer the first. 
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