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October 2011 Weddings

Anyone else's second marriage?

Just curious if anyone else on this board is planning their second marriage? 
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Re: Anyone else's second marriage?

  • I'm not...but I think there is maybe 1 that is...not sure?
  • Hi Scarlet, yes this is my second. 

    How about you?
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  • Yeah, my 2nd.  Sometimes I feel a little out of place, everyone else is so young and planning for the first.  Not that I'm old, I'm 31, but it's old in relative terms to this board.  I just like this board best!
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  • I hear ya :)  I'm 38, but yes most on this particular board (at least the posters, I dont know about the lurkers) are younger.  It's a monthly board thou so if your date is in October of 2011, we will all be going through the same stuff as far as planning.

    I have visited the October 2010 board, and its interesting to see their posts, I just keep thinking thats where we will all be in a year! 

    I like this board as well, this one and the Atlanta board are like my "home", I visit to the others thou. 

    Have you set your date?   When in October? 
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  • edited June 2010
    Ours isn't completely official yet.  We're either going to be the 1st or 15th. 

    We're trying to wait until September/October to book to save up the money for it, but our banquet coordinator penciled us in for the 1st/15th (someone had already taken the 8th, which was our first choice)  and she's going to let us know if she gets any other inquiries about those dates so that we get first choice.  I <3 our banquet coordinator, she's awesome.  
    She even mentioned the possibility of bumping the class reunion who booked the 8th to the party room instead of the reception room so we might even get the 8th but I'm not counting on it. 
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