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Probably Obvious, but Beware

My roommate went to a cookware show last year and got talked into purchasing a $1k pots and pans set, along with a "free" cruise. Yeah, ok. 

Well, they told her she needed to call them and fill out her paperwork for the cruise at least 90 days in advance. Last month when she contacted them to get all the materials, there was no issue. She tried to book a June 2012 and sent in all of the paperwork. Then, a few weeks later, they called her to let her know the cruise actually had to be booked within 90 days of the cruise, unless she wanted to do a $500 upgrade (better room). Of course this didn't sit well with her, because she can't afford the upgrade and she doesn't want to plan her HM so late (though I think she probably could), so she decided they'd just have to hope something would still be available within 90 days. 

Then, last night, she got a call from someone saying her free voucher was not applicable during the peak months March-September, unless she was willing to take a "discounted rate," again a ploy for her to spend money. 

Needless to say, she was even more pissed, since no one ever mentioned that before and none of the printed materials concerning the free cruise mentioned it either. She has always wanted a summer wedding and preferred not to wait to go on their HM (but will if they must), so she is upset no one told her of this before since she never would have pursued it had she known. 

So, just be warned! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!!! 
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