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October 2011 Weddings

Hey Everyone!!

I've been MIA just wanted to stop by and say Hello,hope all of you are doing well.
Is anyone going to the Eclipse premiere tonight ?? I got tickets to go tomorrow night with a girlfriend. I can't wait :D

Nothing wedding related going on right now in fact we might be postponing the wedding because I've decided to go back to college so it's still up in the air but I will let you ladies know once were 100% sure. You ladies have an awesome week,miss you all!!

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Re: Hey Everyone!!

  • Eclipse?? Guess I'm out of the loop and not at all hip. :p

    Why postpone? I will still have 2-3 years of school left by the time we get married. Then again I do not know your situation. We will miss you terribly if you do postpone.
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  • Awww...boo if you postpone.  You'll have to still come and visit us.  Miss you too girl!
  • Glad to hear from you Ana, I've been wondering where a lot of the girls have been lately although...I haven't been around as much myself either.  Guess life just gets busy sometimes. 

    As a reader of the twilight series (although majorly disappointed by the last book), I want to see Eclipse but since moving I haven't really anyone to go see it with except for dragging the FI along and he has no spare time in his schedule.  I suppose I'll see it when I see it.  Such a sad sad thing when there's Kellan Lutz as Emmett, hmm?  A near tragedy!

    Congrats on wanting to go back to college!  It's a big step but sometimes it has to be done.  It's in my near future too, although I have to take the GRE and don't feel too prepared for that so I'll take one of those refresher courses first.  I think it's great you're wanting to go back and while I know how expensive college can be (still paying off a very big undergraduate loan), I too caution the waiting.  I was young and naive, but I waited to get married so it didn't seem like I was getting married just because I got pregnant and was having a baby.  I waited because I was still in college, I waited because we weren't financially secure, and I waited because we were moving.  There's been so much waiting since 2003 that I feel its been much too much.  If you can truly try to squeeze things and make both budgets workout, I say go for it.  I don't believe that many of us get that "perfect time" to get married and waiting for it to come well...that time just might not exist, unfortunately.

    I thank you for those two links you sent me with wedding planning blogs, I hadn't either on my list yet and already I've gotten a few ideas just by quickly browsing them over.

    Good luck though Ana and I wish you all the best!  (PS don't go into education, haha).  I do hope we get to keep you as a October 2011 but I'm sure we'll all understand whatever you decide is best for yourself. 
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  • HinajHinaj member
    Awww the old gang back together again....:)  Sorry ladies I haven't been around much either.  I hope all your planning are going well. 

  • I was wondering where everyone was hiding
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  • latina40299latina40299 member
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    Kristy,Autumn Enchantment)

    Ahhh Yes Emmett is a doll,I think you'll enjoy Eclipse. I'm glad those links were able to help you out. I need to check out your Bio you have awesome ideas !! Well I won't count my self out from this board there's so much going on right now that I have to just take it one day at a time but if it's possible and doable then we will still get married next year. Thanks for the great advice : )
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