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This is totally random.. but I thought I'd ask you for your opinions!

I'm having major neck & shoulder pain, and I think its because of how I'm sleeping and my pillow.  I'm a side sleeper, and I constantly wake up in the middle of the night with tingling arms.

I was doing some research, and saw that memory foam pillows are best for side sleepers.  Do any of you have one?  Would you recommend it?  Or do you have a pillow you would recommend?

I've always just bought cheaper pillows.  Maybe its time I spend a little bit more for a good one!


Re: pillows

  • I got a Sleep Number pillow for Christmas. It was expensive, I am sure. But if I had to decide between DH and the sleep number pillow ... well I'm not sure I could make that choice.
  • H and I both have memory foam pillows. Nothing too fancy. Just like 25ish dollar ones from Target. He loves his. I didn't really notice a huge difference other than it lasts longer. I hate pillows once they start to get flat, and the memory foam seems to hold its shape much better.
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  • I'm a side sleeper as well, but I usually sleep with two pillows under my head and then one pillow on the side I'm sleeping on (I like to sleep right on the edge of the bed). I usually buy the cheap pillows too, but I rotate the bad pillow to the back and put the new one on top. 
  • H had a memory foam pillow during university and a little after. I slept on that pillow every chance I got. I have always had nice feather/ down pillows. They don't last nearly as long but are still nice. We are needing new pillows and I will splurge on memory foam. In case this is relevant I sleep on my side or stomach. Never my back unless I'm sick.
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  • H and I both have memory foam pillows.  We think they are the best pillows ever, SO comfortable.  We take them everywhere we have to spend the night.  I don't think I'll ever buy another pillow that isn't memory foam.
  • I don't have a memory foam pillow, but we did purchase a memory foam mattress topper with some of our wedding moola and we both love it so far. I have regular pillows but I usually only use one and throw the rest on the floor. I sleep on my side, stomach and back! I guess I'm restless :)
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