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MIA bridesmaid

So i had asked my cousin to be a bridesmaid and she had said yes and was totally excited about it.( that was about two months ago) and well this month she has been acting very weird. She wont return any of my Facebook posts (she had to turn her cell off for money reasons) and the one time i got her on instant message i had asked her if she was pissed at me or if i did something to make her mad an all she said was sh*t i gotta go an she logged off. I'm not sure how to take this anymore, i kind of just let it go. So now i'm not sure if she is still wanting to be my bridesmaid or not. I love her to death and am just confused. part of me thinks she is pissed at me an part of me thinks she is just busy. Any opinions or anyone else been in same situation?

Re: MIA bridesmaid

  • She might have a bunch of crap going on in her life at the moment and the wedding is not at the top of her list. It most likely has nothing to do with you. I would keep trying to get a hold of her and let her know if she needs help (a free meal, emotional support, someone to vent to, etc. ) you are there for her.

    If she still wont get back to you I would ask someone who would know what's up (I am super nosey that way. Especially if I know something is wrong and I may be able to help). Let whoever you ask know that you are concerned about her and want to help. All you can do is try.

    Good luck
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  • well if her phone got turned off, sounds like she's having money issues. she's probably just stressed and has some other stuff going on right now. i wouldn't take it personally. also, its far too early to be expecting any type of bridesmaid duties out of her, so i'm sure the wedding isnt at the top of her list.
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  • i know its not that i'm expecting her to do anything wedding wise right now, i just feel like shes pissed at me for some reason an just wont talk to me. i am a big worry bug. my fiancee tells me that everyday lol. i just hate not knowing whats goin on
  • Give her some time.  Everyone goes through bad times and you have to remember that no one cares as much as you do about your own wedding. But if someone is having life problems, that's more important too...again, give her some time to straighten some of her stuff out and then go visit her or call somehow. 
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