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October 2011 Weddings

too close to halloween?

The venue my fiance and I want is completely booked Saturday evenings in September and October except for October 29th 2011. Would you go to a wedding that day with it being close to Halloween? Or would you have other plans?

Re: too close to halloween?

  • If I had a wedding I would go. I love Halloween, but I figure that if people want to b be at your wedding they will come even if it is close to halloween.
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  • I would definitely come.  Kids probably wouldn't be trick-or-treating that early, so I can't see why even people with families wouldn't be able to make it.  I think that's fine!
  • thats my wedding date.  when we picked it we were mostly thinking which weekend we have my stepdaughter, and trying for a weekend that might get us some fall colour but was late enough to get the out of season prices at our venue.  its also going to be one day after the 2 year anniversary of our first date.  we didn't really think about the halloween thing until later when a couple people made comments.  so far the only one to complain has been my brother, and i've told him he can wear a costume to the reception if that will keep him happy :) 
  • We picked that date as well and most of my friends don't care that it's close to halloween...Who wants to go out and pay for drinks when you can party at a wedding? lol It's also one of my best friend's husband's bday and they're going to come up for the wedding even though it's his bday.

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  • Nah, go for it!
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  • It is also my wedding date!
    When we were thinking about it honestly it was late enough in the season to grab some awesome deal but also still be able to use the "fall" theme (which is FI and I's favorite season!!!!) When some of FI's friends (more of the type to drink than my friends) asked about the date, they also wanted to know if at the reception we would be doing any "fun" dress up stuff. It's a thought still on our minds if we want to have a dress up time etc. around 11ish (party lasts until 1) to me I don't care and nor does FI... just to convince the parents that it would be fun now! :)
  • I wouldn't skip a wedding because it was on October 29th! Actually, I'd prefer to do that instead of hang out with all of the crazies out there! If it were a holiday such as Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter, I might reconsider my answer, but for halloween? I say go for it :)
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  • I think you're good with that date
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  • My wedding date is Sunday the 30th and my friends and family are all on board.  We began dating on October 30th, so it seemed so perfect.  Plus, Halloween is my favourite holiday, and like my New Year's Eve, so what better date to start married life?  You'll be fine, and people will have a blast. 
  • I don't think its to close. Plus we aren't that big into Halloween. We do like carving a pumpkin for tradition but no kids in our complex come by to go trick or treating. I only have one friend who's favorite holiday is Halloween. Go for it. the 29th is not Halloween. Just Halloween weekend. Nothing to worry about. If inviting kids and think they may miss out on trick or treating for some reason (due to traveling) maybe have goody bags with candy in them.
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  • Haha I was texting one of my friends yesterday and I said "do you get a chance to dress up for Halloween this weekend?" and she said "yeah, I'm dressed up for a wedding reception. does that count?" That wedding was on the 30th and there were people there so I'm sure there's no problem with the 29th!
  • It is two days from Halloween while people are in the spririt for halloween then doesn't mean that people will except to put on costumes, unless that is part of your theme.  The earliest people are dressing up is the evening of the 30th. Though as a lover of Halloween must defend that not every woman dresses up in skimpy outfits.  I went out as Taylor Swift last night because I needed to throw a quick costume together from my closet.  Pulled on a fancy almost flapper style dress that I had and some boots with jewlery.  My friend she wore a football outfit haha.  I saw some women dressed as lawn gnomes, and sushi.  I think it is more in the college areas that dressing skimpy is abundant.
  • Thanks everyone for your opinions! We went ahead and booked the date! Yay!
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