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October 2011 Weddings

Congrats to the first October brides and other stuff

To all you ladies tying the knot tomorrow and this weekend CONGRATS!! Like others have said, I'm super excited for all of you! Thank you for listening to my incessant whining about my health these last two months! lol. Your weddings will be fabulous because you are all fabulous!! And if you're taking a honeymoon, have fun!!! :-D

On another compeletely unrelated note...I had a dream last night that my fiance backed out of the wedding and I ended up marrying my highschool boyfriend instead (I haven't talked to him in 11 years and I think he's already married). Talk about an odd dream. I told FI this morning and he just burst out laughing and told me to stop eating right before bed. lol. he also told me that was the dumbest dream ever. lol. He's right because i would never marry my highschool boyfriend!! lol. talk about weird wedding dreams. Anyone else have any other super weird ones?
"I got married in 1968 and EVERYONE only had 1 photographer, I don't know where all this nonsense came from. Who wants two flashes popping all night anyway? and really as long as they get you dancing, kissing, and throwing the bouquet the rest is just fluff." - My mom
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