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October 2011 Weddings

Engagement Party Pooper

So FMIL has been every month or so bringing up how she wants to have an engagement brunch for us.  This means taking a half day off work to fly down on a saturday ( I work every saturday, and they don't like us taking this off).  I only have so many hours left for vacation time as I use it for going home for wedding planning. 

I also have to take a saturday off for an engagement confrence for the church in the future too. 

I feel like it is too late to have this sort of party, since we got engaged last April.  I know my FMIL wants to have it because she wants myself and my parents to meet their family friends that we haven't met yet.  I think this is a wonderful, nice gesture....however... I am not excited about it all... and don't want to take work off for it when I need that precious time for wedding planning.

Fi told her the other night that it was ok if we didn't have the party, however, I think she is determined.

What do you ladies think about this situation and what should I do.
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