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I don't even know where to begin.

I feel like my entire life is completely crumbing around me, and I'm sorry if this comes out as a jumbled mess.

I went in last week for my first appointment for the baby, nothing major just the usual ok you are pregnant, how are feeling type of appointment. No ultrasound, or anything like that. The checked all of my hormones and they were climbing, just as they should have been.

I've been extremely sick, I can't keep anything down, and haven't ate anything more than a cracker here or there since last Wednesday. So I called the doctor and they went ahead and scheduled my appointment at the Women's Health Center so the OB/GYN could prescribe me some medication for the morning sickness.

We went in today for the appointment and they did my first ultrasound, just to figure out about where we are as far as due date, how the heart beat looked, and all of that. Cells developed to form the pregnancy sac, but not the embryo itself. We're waiting a week to go back, and make sure this diagnoses is correct, I've heard horror stories of people almost aborting a perfectly health baby because of a miss diagnoses.

We go back next Tuesday, and I'm asking for all of the prayers we can get that this is an incorrect diagnoses.
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