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October 2011 Weddings

Need your input

So I keep going back and forth on colors, as I knew I would! I originally wanted red and orange with hints of gold.  Now I am really leaning towards fuschia and bright orange.  Do you think those colors are ok for a fall wedding?  Does it really matter what colors I choose compared to the time of year? 
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Re: Need your input

  • honestly I love fall colors, but I chose colors that are not even related to the fall. Mine are pink and silver with an accent of mint green. I just chose what I loved the most. I think you should choose the colors you like the most.
  • I agree with nmfriend2006.  Pick colors you love.  I enjoy fall colors too, but I don't think it's necessary to coordinate your colors with the seasons (unless you're wedding is outside... then you might want to consider it).  My colors are black and silver- Although mostly neutral, they're not exactly "autumn."  :) 

    Do what you want!  :)
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  • Yes yes, do whatever you want! 

    I simply adore fall, in fact...we've been engaged since 2003 (yes, I have that typed right, haha) but it wasn't until I got it into my head that since I love fall I could have a fall wedding that I had initiative to set a date and get myself moving on things!  My "colors" well...the groom and groomsmen will be in brown tuxes and I want my bridesmaids in bronze dresses with a hint of metallic luster to it.  The colors will be picked up in the flowers and decorations, a variety of deep fall colors - just like the season itself.

    I don't think it's necessary to go with any kind of "rules" at all when it comes to a wedding, just personal preference =)
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  • I say go with the colors you love, your colors don't necessarily have to be fall colors because your getting married in October,you can also add accents colors to make your colors stand out more,just a thought.
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  • I am with the rest of the ladies on this one.  Choose the colors you love for your wedding.
  • Thanks for all the replies!!! We are having an outdoor wedding, but I think that the bright colors will be fun and I don't think they will look too bad with all of the natural outdoor colors.  Who knows...I'll probably end up changing my mind again!!
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  • I think bright orange and fuschia will look great for an outdoor wedding.  They're just a more vibrant version of the autumn colors.  They could look really great next to the more muted and rich colors of nature; a wonderful mix of hues.
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  • I think you should pick whatever colors you love...they should fit YOU not the season. I originally chose a dark teal (peacock is what I call it) browns, reds and oranges...but Fi didn't exactly like those color choices..I thought they would be beautiful...and I'd get to use the fall colors theme...but we compromised. Black and Red...(to him GA Bulldogs lol) to me..classic elegant colors (plus I look good in red so I'll look good standing NEXT to red ;-) lol). They are in no way fall colors, but can be mixed in a way that will look great no matter the season.

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    I saw pictures of a fall wedding where the girl did bright orange and bright purple and it really did look BEAUTIFUL against the fall colors and trees in the background. Almost made me want to change my colors to that but I know my FI would never agree to it. Oh well. Definitely go for it!

    I found the website if you want to look at the pics: Look for the one with the bride and her bridesmaids and their bouquets.
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