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Just bought some invitations today because I had a 25% coupon at Michael's for all wedding invites! Wooo! (I got these: http://www.gartnerstudios.com/content/brown-ivory-flourish-invite-kit)

Anyway, I was curious how many EXTRA invites you're buying for any "just in case" moments? I counted my guest list and we'll need 95 invites, counting a few instances where older cousins get their own invites from parents and such so there may be a few extras in that count already.

I bought 100 so I'm trying to decide if I should get more. They come in boxes of 50 though so I may be stuck with a lot of extras if I just need a few over 100.

Re: Invitations

  • Very nice invitations. :)

    Not sure how many extras we have. I think we have maybe 10 extra.
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  • I would get about 25...but that's just me.  Between now and then you never know what's going to happen or how many people might be added/subtracted.  Another box wouldn't be a bad idea.  Better to have too many than not enough.
  • I put about 25 extra in my budget as well. We're a big keepsakes family though. Matt's mom already asked for a couple when they come in because she wants to do a scrapbook. I def want a couple to scrapbook. Plus I'm going to perserve my bouquet and put one invite, one program, and our favorite photo from the day with it in a shadowbox. So really I'm thinking I'll have about 15 extra or so and I'm sure Matt will find more people to invite using them.
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  • Our plan is to invite about 275 - 300 people, so I've estimated 150 invites to send out, but I plan on making 175 invites. However, I did get enough paper for 245 invites.
  • I purchased about 120 and when we last figured it out we had about 20 extra.  I need to recheck my numbers again but don't have Joes list unfortunately

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