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Hi Everyone ! This is my first post... My fiance and I are in the process of trying to plan our honeymoon. We are getting married May 25, 2013  and planning our honeymoon for the end of June because of our jobs. I am totally overwhelmed by the process of looking for hotels and where to go... Can any one make suggestions for us? Mike is not one to sit on a beach or at a pool all day. He needs things today and to be able to swim in the ocean... I will do pretty much anything... So I am open to anyones suggestions for hotels.... excursions... websites or anything that may help us plan our honeymoon....

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    The first step is deciding which island to go to?  They are all a little bit different, but there's really no bad choice (so don't stress too much about choosing which one).  How long will you be staying?  What's your budget?  What sort of activities do you want to do? 

    As for planning resources, definitely do some research on tripadvisor, and once you've selected an island, get the Hawaii Revealed book for that island.
  • So my wedding is 9/15/12 and we leave the 17th for Hawaii.  I looked on a lot of different sites that I could bundle things, like our hotel, flights, car, etc.  Well I found Delta Vacations. You can book up to a year in advance.  My favorite part about this is you can call and make monthly payments.  Or you can do weekly or whatever works for you.
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  • Decide which island. I would say Oahu, Maui or the big island are better for a lot of different activites. My FI is the same way, so we are going to do Big Island because there is so much to see. We are actually going to do a vacation rental condo and b&b- soo much cheaper. And some of them are right next to the ocean so it's there to always play at :) That way, we can have a little kitchen and cook a few things there, like a breakfast or lunch, to save some money. Also, Dollar and Budget rent a car are the cheapest.
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  • My FI and I went on a family vacation to Maui and took a day trip to Oahu this July. We had an amazing time! There were plenty of different tours and activities on Maui, we were there for a week and did 3 days of tours and 4 days at the pool/beach. You can do the tours with a group or on your own, basically whatever you prefer. At the beach there were plenty of activities, snorkling, scuba, etc. I was lazy and just sat at the pool and swam in the ocean, but really it seemed like you can do anything. Agree with PP's, definitely do some research but based upon talking with people who've visited the other islands, you really can't go wrong in Hawaii! I am trying to convince FI we need to make a return trip for our honeymoon next year! Good luck!
  • We're doing 5 nights on Maui and 2 nights on Oahu. From everything I've read, its the right mix of stuff to do/relaxation/touristy things.
  • We are doing 5 nights on the big island and 5 in maui. Like you, my FI doesn't really enjoy sitting on the beach all day, so we picked those islands because we liked the variety of options outside of the beach to do. Also, a friend of mine went the maui for 10 days and said she barely spent time on the beach because they were so busy doing other things, like tours and the aquarium, etc.. 

    Also, I've been watching this page like a hawk. http://www.travelzoo.com/local-deals/hawaii/deals Since we aren't going until April, most of the deals right now expire before we are going, but I've still been watching it carefully for ideas.  I've seen heavily discounted spa packages and dinner too. It appears most of the stuff is Oahu related, but I've also seen deals for the other islands as well. 

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  • I did a bunch of research and it sounds like you might like kauai the best. Not as touristy, more hiking and outdoorsy things and less beach (but still have beach).
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