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NWR: Accident related!

So... if you recall, I wrecked in December.  I just got my fine in the mail today.  The Careless Driving fine itself is $25.  After fees?  $110.50!!!!!!!  And wait!  There's more!  If I act now, a Carless Driving fine also carries 3 points on my license!

The officer put my car is red.  If you remember the pic I posted, it is clearly blue.  He also listed an incorrect birthdate for me.  I do believe, also, that it says "SW" or "SUV" under  "type" of vehicle.  It's kind of sloppy.  But if it's Station Wagon or SUV, I drive neither.

So... do I attempt to fight it and waste a vacation day from work?  I could receive no changes... I could get the points removed... or I could get the whole thing thrown out because of the officer's mistakes.

*sigh*  I was literally shaking while I read the citation.  I'm REALLY not happy.  (Not to mention that I'm paying the difference in the cost of the rental over $25/day, my insurance deductible, AND our washer broke Sunday night).  SERIOUSLY not my month!

ETA:  AND.. my car is STILL not finished.  Originally they gave me 12/30.  Now it's looking like 1/7 at the earliest.



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Re: NWR: Accident related!

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