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October 2011 Weddings

How to Plan out of State

Hi everyone!!!

I am newly engaged & we are planning for 10/22/11.  But I am have some questions also hopefully I can get pointed in the right direction...

This would be my 2nd wedding & I am not a over the top person but it would be my fiance first.  I honestly don't want people to feel obligated to buy gifts or etc so how can I make that known??  I just feel with today's economy it's not about the money but for love & support...

We currently live in a different state then our family & friends so does anyone have insight on how to plan or what not to do?!?!

Also it wouldn't be wise if we had it where we live due to higher elevations also my grandparents and his do health issues..

Re: How to Plan out of State

  • Congrats and welcome to the board first of all.  To help you plan you might consider asking friends/family or even hiring an event planner.

    As for gifts, there's really no way to let people know other than not registering and word-of-mouth.  GL!
  • HinajHinaj member
    Congrats and Welcome to the board!!!

    As much as you don't want gifts, there is no real way of passing that message along except word of mouth and not registering, but also take into account that some guest/ family member regardless of how much you don't want any gifts, will want to buy you gifts.  So I think you should have gift registry for people that want to buy you something and they don't want to guess as to what you and your FI might like. 

    As to the out of state planning, you can see if you family/friends can help you with that. If not do majority of your research online and over the phone and set up meeting when you are flying in back to back and make your descisions.  If not, an event planner from the state you are getting married in can be hired to do the leg work for you, if it is in the budget, but I have seen many brides plan out of state weddings themselves with the help of their parents and friends.  It might be hard, but it is doable. 
  • As far as out of state, event planner is your best route.  However depending on which vendor you choose, one may be included in with the venue.  And maybe having one included will factor into where you decide to have it.  If you have someone here to help just make sure you can really rely on them.

    Second wedding and gifts.  I hear you on this one... this is also my second and my Fiance's. Ladies above are right again I believe, unless someone else chimes in with another idea.  We were not going to register and by word of mouth say their presence will be gift enough.  But I've already heard this isnt going to work for his family.  For mine they will most likely send/bring a card with money and tell us to put it towards the honeymoon.  For his, they hate giving money.. and will most likely bring something so we are thinking about registering somewhere (like Hinaj said).

    Welcome to the board :) !!
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  • I don't know too much about it but I have heard of some wedding were the people set up an account for people to donate money to a charity instead of giving gifts. There are websites that also let you make accounts to put money towards your honeymoon and house funds, ect. Just a thought

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