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October 2011 Weddings

Non-floral Centerpieces - PIP

In an attempt to save some $$ we've decided to go with non-floral centerpieces. FMIL has a fantastic eye and came up with this over Easter break. The table cloths will probably be white (or ivory), with purple napkins.


-Is the purple fabric too much? We thought it would offset from the tablecloth nicer than just the candle... And thoughts on the shade of purple? My BM are in charcoal grey dresses with various shades of purple flowers, so we can definitely go lighter/darker if that would look better.

-Are the different colored beads too much? Right now they're yellow, green, and light purple. Should we do JUST purple beads around the candles?

-Do I still need votives around the larger candle? We're doing family style, so we want to take up as little room on the table as possible - as it stands now, we could cheat bowls onto the purple fabric if necessary, but votives would cut into that flexibility immensely. 



Re: Non-floral Centerpieces - PIP

  • I think your centerpieces look great! I think the purple fabric grounds the centerpiece well and, like you said, offsets it from the tablecloth. The beads give the hurricane some individuality, which I like, and there's not too much going on.

    Great choice!
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  • They look lovely! I would leave them exactly as is!
  • Very nice! I like the non-floral look! We were going to do something similar but ended up deciding on flowers so we don't have to think too much about it.
  • I really love it!! I think it's classy and modern at the same time. Very nice!
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  • I like it I think they are nice.  We are also going no floral as well, but we have long tables so I am going to do illuminari bags, and fall leaves on a purple table cloth.
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  • Looks good. We are doing candle centerpieces also and were told to use satin or organza for the tables so that the light will really reflect, so I think that purple material will be perfect!
  • I love it just as it is. I'm a fan of candle, non-floral centerpieces, and I think yours is beautiful. :)

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  • I like how it looks as is. We are doing mostly non-floral too. Since ours is around Halloween I think we are getting black lanterns at Ikea for many of the tables and decorating with that as opposed to vases. Then for 2-6 tables we will be using candelabras and tall spooky trees. We may have the florist add a little bit of flowers to the decor, but it will definitely save from doing full floral centerpieces.
  • Your centerpieces look great! The purple will pop against white or ivory and it will look amazing. The holder around the candle is a good idea; if there are any children attending your reception, there is less chance they will get burned. Great idea. As it stands, I have 10 children coming to mine, all under the age of 10, so I can't use candles at all, but if I could I would, it adds an air of formality to an event that may be completely casual and laid back. Its a great idea, truly, and they look fantastic.
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