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is anyone else marrying a twin?

I feel like I need a support group

Re: is anyone else marrying a twin?

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    OMG, my fiancee is the exact same way! I planned a birthday get-away for him and almost the entire time he was texting his brother as to what we were doing, which was getting on my last good nerve!! On our way back home, we got into an argument, and not less than an hour later guess who's over at the apartment? His brother!!  

    In Response to Re: is anyone else marrying a twin?:
    [QUOTE]We're both from around the Boston, but when he met me I was living here (in NY) so I don't really feel bad about it since I've been transparent from day 1.  It's the ONLY thing we fight over. I work in fashion, so I *have* to be in NY. I think being a twin has hindered his ability to make friends here. He wants to go home a lot, which is so time consuming and exhausting on public transit. Even though my family lives there, I like to limit my travel to holidays and several other times a year. He's mad at me that I haven't visited his twin since we got engaged, but my trips home have just been wedding planning constantly. It's not like I've even seen my friends at all.  Whenever he leaves his twin he gets really depressed and I feel sad/not good enough. 
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