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October 2011 Weddings

wtf. long vent.

I need to do an IL vent. Sorry.
This weekend we were with H's family. MIL starts nagging me about how we haven't invited them over lately. She points out that her mother has never seen our house before. Then she starts going around the room naming all the people she thinks haven't seen our house and even asking some of them if it was true. WTF. She can't just ask to come by. She instead has to guilt-trip me in this roundabout way. So I volunteered to have a bbq so everyone could come by. This was at 1pm.

I said we'd start cooking for the bbq at 4 so please don't show up before 3 so we could get the grill together and buy food. At 2pm I called them to ask if they'd bring grilling utensils and FIL says "So... why can't we come over now? G-pop is just sitting here not doing anything and he won't make it past 4pm before wanting to go home." Again, the indirect passive-agressive guilt shiiiit. They only live 2 minutes away so they were of course there 2 minutes later. I left them while I went to the store, not good hosting but I had no choice.

The rest of H's family shows up an hour later. H's sister announces to the family she's pregnant. Everyone's happy. We all didn't think she was having kids because she's into her 30s and never mentioned kids. H's parents have been nagging us to have kids since we got married. Do you think they'd leave us alone for at least a little bit because of the news? NO. An hour after H's sister's announcement, MIL and FIL practically corner me and start asking me about when we're having kids.

The reasons they gave me for why I need to have kids now:
(1) They (ILs) are getting old and want to enjoy their grandkids while they still can. (2) Now that H's sister is pregnant, wouldn't we want our kid to grow up with theirs? (3) When I pointed out H's other sister plans to get pregnant right after her wedding (in less than 30 days), they said they wanted even more grandkids than that.

Did you notice how their reasons were all about them?

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I'm so over their passive-aggressive guilt trips. They conveniently call you out in front of large groups of family members so you have to be polite and can't avoid it. It's so freaking obnoxious.
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