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Help me pick my 'moon

Hi ladies-- I'm in the brainstorming phase of honeymoon planning and am looking for somewhere with the following characteristics:

-Wanting to have about 65% beach time/water sports time, 35% "culture" time (i.e., I'd like to get out of the continental US)

-Some place that has water sports, including kayaking, snorkeling, and hopefully surfing

-AI preferred, but definitely not a necessity

-Roughly $5K for maybe 6-8 days, not including airfaire (I have FF miles, so that's not an issue)

-Somewhere not awful to go to in the August-October timeframe

Any ideas?  So far I was thinking Hawaii (which island?), Mexico (which coast?), possibly somewhere in the Carribean, but I don't know which of the islands would fit that profile.

Other possibilities, maybe-- thailand (too expensive?), Tahiti/Fiji (ditto?) and Spain.  If you have any ideas, please let me know...feedback much appreciated!

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Re: Help me pick my 'moon

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    I have been looking into Thailand as well, and you can get some GREAT rooms for a really good price!
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    [QUOTE]I have been looking into Thailand as well, and you can get some GREAT rooms for a really good price!
    Posted by luckiducki303[/QUOTE]

    @luckiducki303- there is a great deal on Cudo.com.au (the Aussie groupon) for a hotel in Krabi Thailand for 5 nights for $599AU for 2 people/transfers/breakfast/1 x massage and a few other extras. If you are still looking you should maybe check it out
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_honeymoon_pick-moon?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding BoardsForum:11Discussion:81cf7709-1415-4e9a-b396-640f7bde9f59Post:a9ed7a7e-7c1d-4afb-bc33-2c8d7f175b9b">Re: Help me pick my 'moon</a>:
    [QUOTE]Bali (has all the sports you mentioned plus white water rafting) lots of culture and if you are sporty like you describe there is a great walk to the elephant temple that most tourist don't got to because of all the stairs.Posted by j_jaye[/QUOTE]

    I was going to suggest Bali as well-- it was just the right amount of active/relaxed/cultural for us. We booked everything together with a travel agent, so I'm not sure of the cost breakdown between air and once we got there, but I am pretty confident it was less than $6000 once you take out the airfare. The only thing is, you need a LOT of miles to get there. For us it was just absolutley perfect, and food and lodging was relatively cheap, at least compared to something similar closer to home. But I think you need at least 10 days there to make it worth the travel time.

    I've also heard Thailand is really cheap once you get there but no personal experience.
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    You might be able to do Tahiti for that amount if you use miles for the airfare.  Air Tahiti Nui is partners with American Airlines and Delta (though you don't get points for traveling on it, I believe you can use points to get there).  Our trip is coming up about your price without the flights.
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    If you decide on Hawaii, I've been told that Oahu is the island to go to--best nightlight, tons of stuff to do! My aunt, uncle and cousin go to Hawaii like it's their job (about twice a year!) and Oahu is their hands-down favorite--they said that the other islands are pretty, but there's not much to keep you busy other than the beach. 

    So, long story short, if you go to Hawaii, Oahu might be a good island choice!
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    Aruba is beautiful and you are always guaranteed good weather.  Very relaxing.  If you're looking for all inclusive i'd try the Westin.  If not try the Hyatt.  I've been to the island 3 times and its gorgeous.  

    If you're looking at Hawaii, you can split the trip into 2 or 3 islands.  I went in August and we stayed at Maui, Kauai, and Kona.  Kona was beautiful and very peaceful.  Maui was more of an LA lifestyle.  Maui and Kona I stayed at the Four Seasons -- awesome hotel, kind of expensive. and in Kauai I stayed at they Hyatt.

    I've been to Mexico too - I went to Cabo San Juan.  Mexico is nice but you have to be very careful.  When i went the hotel staff was very protective and serious of where we were going.  But again it is a very nice place and the town has the old Mexican feel with things to see.  

    Hope this helps :)  Happy Planning!
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    We're going to San Souci, Jamaica and staying at one of the couples only, all inclusive resorts at the end of September. We are booking through unforgettablehoneymoons.com (travel agency) and the prices are in your stated price range. All food and beverages (including unlimited alcohol) and activities (all kinds of water sports, biking, hiking) are included in most packages. Definitely worth checking out! From my research, I doubt you could do Fiji for $5000 (unless you stay in a crappy hotel).
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    Thailand is probably by far the cheapest place that has been mentioned! When I was there two years ago, 100 bahts was about $3 and that went a long way. The only expensive thing was bottled water, upwards of 200-300 bahts.
    Fun things you could do there include: elephant rides (http://www.maesaelephantcamp.com/ this is one I've visited), floating markets, tour of the Grand Palace, etc. I don't know much about the beach scene though.
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    I agree with Karen's MOH about travel time. Hawaii is less than six hours from the west coast. Some of these destinations will be basically an entire day of travel so keep that in mind. :) While the caribbean has a lot of awesome options it will be during hurricane season, and I personally would not want to worry about the weather leading up to my honeymoon. You might worry about that issue when traveling to Mexico (depending on where you stay).
    Hawaii is a great option. Kauai has more of an authentic "Hawaiian" feel to it. More relaxed and laid back. Go on a helicopter tour to see the amazing NaPali coast! To us, Oahu was a neat place to visit once (you have to see Pearl Harbor and the North Shore) but we wouldn't choose that island to visit with all of the other great options. We are spending two weeks in Maui for our honeymoon in June and it seems like Maui is the most diverse out of all the islands. I would agree with the PPs that you could spend a few days on each island (unless you don't want to feel like your constantly traveling). Wherever you go, it sounds like you will have an amazing honeymoon! Keep us updated on your decision! Happy traveling! :)
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    We went to Fiji for our wedding and honeymoon. You can easily get a place for that price (without airfare). We stayed at a higher priced place, but it should still fit in your budget. If you want to experience culture I would highly suggest Fiji. I would just suggest not staying on the main island (Viti Levu) because it's more commercial. There are resorts in all price ranges and a lot of them are AI. We stayed at:

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