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October 2011 Weddings

has anybody else bought their ring yet for their FI?

i was just curious if anyone has bought the ring yet for their FI. we went an looked at them yesterday. and we absolutely love this one we found! i was wondering if anyone has bought one yet or if yall think its to early?

Re: has anybody else bought their ring yet for their FI?

  • No, I haven't bought his yet.   I was planning on waiting until the fall. 

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    Nah, I wanna see if they come out with anything neater.  He wants tungsten carbide with black diamonds and it's a fairly new concept.  So far we like this one:

  • Nope. Haven't gotten wedding bands yet. He still wears his promise ring that I gave him shortly after he gave me mine. He really doesn't want a new ring but I am going to buy one anyways for him.
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  • I've bought both our wedding bands, mainly because he had coupons, I know that sounds cheap but we are both trying to save as much money as piossible. I really love them, and I think they are gorgeous! :o) He didn't really care either way what his ring looked liked but I kinda wanted them to match, so we both got white gold bands with 1/4 karat diamonds around the top of the band.  I love them and I think he is happy with them too.  If his coupons hadn't expired soon we probably wouldn't have even really thought about them yet, but since they were such a good deal and we both liked them, we decided to go ahead and get them! :o)
  • we're waiting; we'll probably get them prior to May of next year, when we go out for tastings and fittings and what have you.  We figure, we'll buy them, bring them out east and have my parents put them in their safe till the wedding, that way, we won't forget them out here and they'd be safe.

    While my e-ring has a wedding band attachment we'll soughter on after the wedding, I have always really wanted just a simple white gold or platnium band to where; don't know why, just always have.
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  • I've bought his band...but he hasn't bought mine..just the e-ring. I wanted to buy it while I had some money so I went ahead. We'll get it resized closer to the wedding though.

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  • We're trying to decide that now. I know what I want, but FI isn't sure what he wants yet. We may just wait. Who knows! 

    I don't think it's too early. That's one less expense you'll have to worry about as the date gets closer.
  • very tru to post above me, i think we will get the one he wants soon then!
  • Haven't yet.  He wanted a tungsten carbide, but now he has mentioned ceramic so I think were still undecided.
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  • We know which wedding bands we want but haven't boughten anything yet.
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  • We have browsed at some rings. This weekend our local jewler is having a special on rings and going to check them out to see what they have for FI. So hopefully I can find something he don't care what he wants so he points me in no direction of what to get.
  • We bought his ring two days after being engaged!  We were on vacation and he fell in love with one that was very unique. 
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  • We went to pick out his a couple of weekends ago. Put it on layaway since I can't afford it right now, so I'll have it for good in a few months :) He'd already bought mine since it was the matching band to my e-ring.
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  • First thing we purchased after my rings. Laughing If he's sure he loves the ring go ahead and buy his.
  • so we went ahead and bought his ring, here is what it looks like

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    We actually just bought ours. Mine we ended up getting 500 off with coupons. They gave him coupons when he purchased my ring and we just used them because they were going to expire and the ring I wanted was on sale already.

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  • I have my band because min e-ring and band came in a set.  We havent even stated looking for him yet but we are probably going with the tungsten since he wants a darker grey or black and the tungsten is darker than titanium.
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