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October 2011 Weddings

craigslist issue..

I listed some of my wedding items on craigslist.  Sold most of them, still have a couple things for sale.

I got a reply from someone, asking if what I was selling was still available.  But the way she asked was a little weird, so I replied double checking what she was interested in.

Then she sent me this looong email (which went into my spam folder) about how her brother got into a car accident with her car and now she has to pay for repairs and blah blah blah.  But she's so lucky she started this new job where she gets paid $500 / week and here's a link if I would be interested in the same thing. 

I obviously ignored it and definately didn't click on the link. 

But now I'm still getting emails from her, with a different story, and a different link to click on.

What do I do?  Can I some how report someone that is replying to an add?  I tried to look, but couldn't find anything.  I'm halfway afraid to reply back, telling her to leave me alone.  But it sucks now that she has my email address.  :(  This is the first issue I've ever had wtih craigslist. 

Why are people so weird...
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