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October 2011 Weddings


I don't believe I've seen you around too much...so I'm calling you out on our board to find out aboutcha!  :)

What's your FI like?  When did you get engaged?  What's your ideas for the big day so far?  Are totally stoked?  Do you like burritoes?

Re: *marysbaby*

  • my FI is incredibly handsome, intelligent, and perfect for me...lol
    now that I'm getting used to the idea that I'm really going to get married, I am very excited and incredibly happy that I have someone who loves me so and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. but I did freak out the first few weeks...lol
    he's proposed many times, in many fantastic ways, but I always said, "someday".
    I even promised him when I turned 32 that I would retire, marry him and have his children, but life had other plans that year.
    the last year (32) has been very very hard for me, and he's been my rock through it all. so on new year's eve, when he said he knew of something to distract me from my misery. like a bitch, I said "like the last time you tried to distract me?" he so sweetly said "never, by making me the happiest man ever and being my wife". I cried and cried, then told him I would be happy to be his wife.
    we are expected to have a huge wedding, a lot of people want to see me get married, and FI has tons of friends. we're looking at castle venues. probably a weekend affair. using a dark dark red with a rich pumpkin, and gold and ivory accents. we're both very financially secure. and this is it for me, I'm doing this once and it's going to be fairytale perfect...I don't expect much do I? Wink

    burritos?  yes, I especially like chile verde burritos.
  • love it....welcome
  • Awesome intro!  ;-)  Welcome to the boards!!!
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