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October 2011 Weddings

photo guest book/ E-pics

Sooo we got the link to our epics!!! yay the disk is in the mail on its way as well..and since i could't wait for the disk to arriave I copied all the pics out of our online gallery and put together a photobook on shutterfly... Its quite a large book.. 62 or 63 pages...but i had 200 photos to choose from..really how can you narrow it down!! Well I did a little bit I left out 46 pictures!! lol But i wanted to see what you girls thought of it....do I have enough spots for guests to sign..? I didnt want to put spots through the whole book bc I didnt want there to be blank signature pages.

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Re: photo guest book/ E-pics

  • Wow, those are beautiful!! As long as you have a line for each of your guests to sign (one for a couple or family), and maybe a few extra lines just in case. Just a warning, a long line might form due to everyone looking at all of those photos!
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  • Wow, they look great!
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  • Love it!! I have a shutterly coupon at home if you need one.  Let me know :)
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  • coupon!!! =D  please do tell!!!
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  • You did such a great job with it!  And the pics are incredible!

    And I don't think you even need lines for everyone to sign on.  People can use the blank spaces around the pics.
  • o-m-g, i LOVE yout book. i am thinking this may be a nice guestbook for us too...THANKS for sharing :)

    i have a buywithme coupon i may purchase (got it in my email today) to get a photobook and prints for $20. i can fwd you the email if you are interested! it is for 20 pages only, but just a thought.
  • I Didnt even think to have them write in the blank spots on the pages....hm..good idea..gotta run it by FI and see what he thinks thanks!!! =)

    I do go back and put love quotes in the photobook too.
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  • It's beautiful! Your pictures are amazing! You got so many different locations and outfits. They are great. You guys look very happy.
  • The photos are amazing! Plus you did a fantastic job putting them together in a book!

    I don't think you even have 10 half pages for signatures. Not sure how big your wedding is going to be but you may want to put a few more pages with lines just in case people want to write something and not just sign. Pages 43,52 and 58 could have the pics moved to one side of the page to make room for signature lines.
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  • Your guest book looks really nice. I'm just having a plain ol guest book my mom bought me last Christmas.
  • I LOVE it! You did such an awesome job. I have something like 450 photos as well and I've been having a hard time forcing myself to sit down and go through them all. It's so hard to choose!! But yea, whoever has coupons should share how and where they got them. I need to get on mine, stat!
  • Love it.  I think it is a much better way to do a guest book than just the plain old one with just the signature lines.  Also you photog took great epics!
  • littlepixie- ill send you the code via PM
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