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I'm looking for ideas for a honeymoon in New England. We live in Maine so we would like it to be outside of Maine. We are looking for good cost and something we can drive to. It will take place in Late July.

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    whereabouts in maine are you? How long are you willing to drive? 
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    What about the vineyard? Getting accomodations at this point might be tough. There's a thread on Boston a couple threads down. Portsmouth nh is also a fun city but I don't think I could spend more than a few days there. Waterville valley and white mts are fun... Take the cog railroad, go swimming at dianas bath, if you golf there are options up there, go ziplining...
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    We have no problem driving to VT, NH, NY,Mass, and Rhode Island.
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    What about Block Island, RI or Mystic, CT?  Both are far enough away to feel away but are not traditionally honeymoon spots.  Book now to get a decent room.  
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    Boston/the cape or Newport?
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    I grew up in CT and my favorite spots are the Connecticut Wine Trail, taking the ferry to Block Island, Cape Cod, and the casinos. The casinos are so much more than just gambling. They have amazing spas, restaurants, night life, entertainment, pools, shopping, etc..






    You could also catch a Red Sox game (boo!) at Fenway Park or a Yankees game at Yankee Stadium (whoo hoo!) or go to Lake Compounce for the day (great waterpark and amusement park in CT).


    We're heading back up to CT in a few months and an overnight at MGM and some stops on the CT wine trail are definitely on the to-do list. Ooooh and some cookie monster ice cream at Rich's Farm YUM!

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    Cape Cod, Newport, Block Island?  I also really like the white mountains NH suggestion above, if the beach isn't a priority. 

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    We just got back from our honeymoon in Nantucket, MA.  Absolutely incredible.  Romantic, more private/less crowded than Cape Cod, tons to do (or not to do, if that's what you prefer, LOL).  Good luck!
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    The White Mountains in New Hampshire have lots of fun things to do year round and are very beautiful! 
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    I really like the Stowe/Burlington Vermont area.  There is a lot to do there.  We took a romantic sunset cruise on Lake Champlain.  The Ben and Jerry's factory is yummy :)
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    We are going to Maine later this month. I have been there many times, my hubby has never been. He's one of those people that likes to have a book in his hand as he does research, versus online stuff. I picked up a great travel book at Barnes and Noble for him to read. There are always great ideas in there, and most come with maps.

    You don't say how long you have. When I took my kids out to the east coast a few years ago, we flew into Atlantic City (at that time there were cheap flights there), rented a car and drove north all the way to York Beach Maine area and it was 10 hrs. We stayed there a couple of nights, drove down to Boston for the 4th of July fireworks, stayed another night and in 2 days saw everything historic there is to see in Boston, then drove south to NYC, stayed there a couple of nights, then back to the airport in NJ.

    I personally recommend doing one long drive to the farthest place you want to go, then work your way back. You can go as far as Connecticut for example, then work your way back to Maine along the coast (or go into the mountains in Massachusetts up through NH or VT) then back across to home.

    Road trips are fun. I always pack a picnic basket or cooler when I'm not flying, and fill it with freezable ice packs and buy groceries to save money.
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    What about a cruise of New England. They are pretty cheap and will take you to all of your destinations.

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    I love the Cape and there are many places that would be great for a honeymoon there!  Depending on your budget, Wequassett Resort is gorgeous and would make for an amazing honeymoon!
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