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October 2011 Weddings

fall colors....

think i could have my bridesmaids wear pink?  i know its typically not a fall color but i was thinking of pairing it with brown.  thoughts??

Re: fall colors....

  • Just because your wedding is in october doesnt mean you HAVE to do fall-y colors, I think pink & brown would be beautiful, it was on my list of colors I like for my wedding :)
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  • Anything goes, you can do whatever you'd like. 
  • I'm not much of a pink girl, but if you do the right shade of both, I think it would be super cute!
  • Any colors.  A lot of girls here are going with fall colors for their fall wedding but there's a lot of us who aren't (myself included).
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    I think pink and brown are beautiful together for any season. :)
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  • Just make sure it's the right shade of pink; I'm doubting your girls would be thrilled to wear "Disney Princess Pink", but a nice soft pink, or a dusky rose paired against a chocolate brown or something would be nice.

    Deson't matter if it's not "fall colors".  My girls are going to be in navy; navy isn't much of fall color.
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  • My MOH's are actually wearing a soft pink dress. Soft pink and a soft silver are our wedding colors. So I definitely do not have fall colors.
  • I've finally decided that I'm going with colors based on peacock feathers, so I'll probably end up with teal/brown/blue/green etc. which I don't think are fall colors. In the end you have use the colors that you and your FI like because you're the ones that will be looking at the pictures for decades to come.
  • Marshallstreet-I saw a peacock feather wreath the other day at Pier One and after I left, I started wishing I'd picked those for my colors.  Your wedding will be so beautiful!
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  • I dont know how dark of a brown you are planning but i think a soft rose pink with a lighter brown and gold would look really pretty!
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