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Excellence Playa Mujeres?

Has anyone stayed in one of the swim up suites at EPM?  How private are they?  It's really hard to tell from the pictures! 

Thanks so much!

Re: Excellence Playa Mujeres?

  • I've been looking @ EPM for our honeymoon. from the pictures i've seen it doesn't look like the swim up suites are too private. it looks like they only have short bushes in between each room and i'm sure anyone swiming in the pool can see right up into your room. we have been considering the imperial or terrace suites that have a hydro-pool and platform bed on the balcony. the people that have the rooftop suite above can see directly down to the imperial/terrace suites, but  i would much rather have the few people in the rooftop suites seeing us than who knows how many people that could see us in the swim up suites.  EPM is one of our top picks but it maybe too pricey for us! hopefully a TA can help us

  • Thanks so much for your input! 

    I mentioned the privacy issue to my travel agent and she said that I should check out the castias at El Dorado Royal.  They do look very nice and private, so that might also be an option for you!

    Thanks again!
  • We stayed at EPM last June for our honeymoon in a regular jr. suite (non-swim up) but I can tell you that they are not very private at all.  The lazy river that winds through the resort and right by the first floor rooms.  You can basically see right in them.  I wouldn't book a swimup.  The resort is absolutely fantastic otherwise, our room was fantastic!
  • I agree with what Brianne said.  I have stayed at the Excellence Riviera on vacation and all of the resorts have a similar construct.  It is true that the lazy river goes right in front of all of the swim up rooms.  There really isn't any privacy, but the resort is awesome!  The food was great/lots of variety and the place is gorgeous.  No matter where you stay, I recommend taking an excursion to Xcaret - so fun!  Good luck!
  • I am in between Excellence Playa Mujeres and EL Dorado Royale Casitas! I am kind of leaning towards Excellence because it will save us about $1,000 and looks just as nice too.

    I heard the 2 story rooftops at Excellence are not as private as they appear online so may not be worth the extra $. I am not sure about the swimups, but I wouldn't think so since eveyrone cane swim by and have access to your back doors.

    Anyone know how the food is between the two?? That is my fiances biggest decision factor lol
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