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Hotel with airport transfer in San Juan

I am wondering if anybody knows of a hotel in San Juan that offers/provides an airport transfer.  I have been searching but have yet to find a place that offeres it.  I am only staying there one night on my way to the DR so i'm not looking for any place fancy - just a place to sleep for the night.  I'm trying to cut costs by not having to pay for a cab.   Thanks!

Re: Hotel with airport transfer in San Juan

  • Cabs in San Juan have set rates based on zones, so if you stay in Isla Verde, which is the closest resort area to the airport, the cab rates are actually pretty cheap (about $10).  We stayed at the Intercontinental when we went, so it was an inexpensive cab ride, and it was worth it to be able to just walk out of the airport to a cab and not have to wait for a hotel shuttle.  

    I'm sure there are hotels that have airport shuttles, but I'm not sure which.  I'd recommend posting this question on the tripadvisor forum for San Juan. 
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