October 2011 Weddings

It's been so long...

...but apparently I'm still really good at first dates!

I've had a huge girl crush on this girl at the gym for a while. We do all the same classes and talk all the time, but only at the gym. All my workfriends joked that if I wanted to actually be friends with her, we had to take the friendship outside the gym.

Well we finally made plans to hang out outside the gym (she "asked" ME out too, so I didn't even have to awkwardly do that!! wooo!) and grabbed dinner last night at hubby's restaurant.

We got there at 7 and didn't leave until after 11!!! We had such a great time, hubby really likes her (and he doesn't always like some of my friends), and we're trying to hang out again after the holidays.

I love making new friends!
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