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October 2011 Weddings

Anyone else wonder how it will all come together?

I am not so great at visualization.  I am also not super creative.  I have relied a lot on my coordinator and vendors when making decisions.   Everyone says it will turn our great, but I feel like I lack a clear "vision" and am starting to stress about how it will all come together!  Am I alone in this??
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Re: Anyone else wonder how it will all come together?

  • tape and glitter?

    I don't have a clear "vision" either other than that it won't be suckie.
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  • Have you tried The Knot inspiration boards? They really helped me.  It at least gives you starting point to start visually putting together your ideas or to pull from others ideas to create your vision.
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  • Yeah I don't have a full vision of what my wedding will be, but I like everything I'm doing so hopefully it all meshes well :P
  • I feel exactly how you do! I'm starting to freak out about! 
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  • I know how you feel. Im afraid I I might end up with different shades of blue or that I have too many themes. But then when I think about it, I actually havent bought too much yet.
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  • I know what I want and I know it will look good, but I am having trouble seeing all put together.  One of my bridesmaid is very creative so she is overseeing the decorations part.  Thank goodness!!
  • People always ask me what my colors are....um...shades of maroon and pink??  I don't really know!!  haha  My flowers are going to be maroon and blush colored flowers.  the girls dresses are a berry/purplish color and they are going to have mostlty green flowers.  The centerpieces are branches so there is not too much color there.  And the table cloths are probaly going to between a blush tone.  I have gold candles for all the tables too.  I am worried there is too much going on!

    My coordinator and florist say it will come together beautifully, but I am wondering if they are just saying that to calm me down.  

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  • Don't fret, you are not alone. I think we ALL feel this way to a certain degree. I worry about having enough of the little details, will all my colors work, how will the timiing work out, will people remember the little stuff I do.

    I also want "unique" ideas, so I am constantly worried that my wedding will not be remembered.

    At the end of the day just do things that make you happy and it will work out :)
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