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Has anyone started looking into honeymoon destinations yet? As of right now, we are planning on taking ours right after the wedding. Almost everyone I know has gone to Jamaica, and I was looking into that until I found out October is one of the rainiest months there. I'm not really concerned with being original with our destination, I just want to go somewhere fun that we can afford. All inclusive places would be best. I'd love to go somewhere with a beach, but also other things to do too. Ideas?
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Re: Honeymoon?

  • We are going to go to Deep Creek Lake. We can not book our cabin until a year out but we already know which one that you are going try to get. It is going to be close so we will not lose much time in travel. Also we love to go hiking and the trees should be beautiful that time of year. I am so excited to go. I know that it is not the typical honeymoon but it is perfect for us! Good luck with your plans
  • We've tossed around some ideas, but we haven't sat down and really discussed it since we have so much time; we're not going on a honeymoon till 2012 due to the fact that Vhati only gets 3 weeks vacation a year and it's all used up for next year already, and even then we won't go on a honeymoon until after Vhati's 30th birthday, which is in April.
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  • We really want to go to Vegas but with me going to school I think we're going to have to wait until our 1 year anniversary :P
  • We have talked about waiting till 2012 also, but just lately I have been looking into cruises and Carribbean vacations as a surprise to him.  We can't fork out anymore money really for the dream honeymoon we want because right after the wedding we will be building our house.  But I have been thinking how awesome it would be to surprise him with a "mini honeymoon".  So, we will see!!
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  • I know i didn't want to go some place original for our honeymoon..cruise..Bahamas Hawaii..Caribbean..etc... so we decided that we are going to go to Australia for our honeymoon. I have always wanted to go! Some other places if you want warm I would suggest Fiji..or Antigua. I had a roommate from Antigua in college and she had beautiful pictures of the place! 
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  • If things work out we will be going to Australia also :) Its the place we have both always wanted to go to.
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  • We're going to Ireland!! I'm totally psyched; Ireland is my favorite place in the world and the FI has never been there. We found it through Sceptre Tours, which someone had recommended on TripAdvisor.com, and it's really affordable-- we're going to do the luxury vaca which has us staying in two castles (Adare Manor and Waterford) and 2 5-star hotels... though for the life of me I can't remember their names! Anyway, good luck planning your honeymoon!! That has been my favorite part of this whole thing so far LOL :-)

  • LOVE tripadvisor!!  They give a lot of great "insider" information on trips!! 
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  • We recently booked Galley Bay Resort in Antigua - they were having a great sale and the deposit was only $300.  Trip Advisor reviews are beyond amazing!  Have fun searching!
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