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October 2011 Weddings

Dog for Ringbearer?

So I think most of you have seen Crockett..he was in my pic for my "venue" siggy, since I'm getting married at my parents' house. My next dilemma is, I would love for him to be my ringbearer!

My mom is totally obsessed with this dog so we joke that he's like my brother haha (we were in Florida for a week and she was missing him sooo much) but both my dad and my FI think it's a bad idea to have a somewhat hyper and excitable yellow lab (aren't they all) around me in my white dress and everything else. I'm trying to tell them that as long as he has a walk in the morning, and someone could take him for a bath so he's pretty tired, he'll just walk down the aisle for cuteness, not with the actual rings of course, and then he'll go stay at a neighbor's house for the rest of the night. He can be pretty well-behaved but of course he gets sooo excited too! I'm really torn. Anyone else using their puppy in the wedding?

Here are just a few cute pics- sometimes he's very well behaved, and of course treated like a human haha:)

Nimi and Little Bite Photobucket

Re: Dog for Ringbearer?

  • I personally think it is a great idea.  I mean, if you aren't too concerned about everything going EXACTLY as planned, then go for it.  You could even do what I'm doing with my niece as FG and give him his own song so that it doesn't mess with your timing!  (I am not comparing my beautiful niece to a dog though!) ;)

    I have a chihuahua, and I would have him in the ceremony if I thought he could handle it.  My Lucky is a little skittish sometimes and I think he would just hide under a chair. 

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  • I saw this done at my cousin's wedding and a friend's wedding and it was very cute! If you can handle any potential surprises, then go for it.
  •  I think it's a great idea! I could be biased though, I'm having my dog walk down the aisle not as necessarily a ring barer  but more as an honorary groomsmen on my side of the aisle...
  • love the idea i think that's super cute
  • I like the idea.  I would have to agree with your dad and FI about having a hyper lab around your white dress!  I have a lab as well and bless her heart she is very well behaved but if anything excites her, its all over!!   But if you tire him out I am sure he will be fine.  
  • I love it!  All dogs are great - but Yellow Labs are the absolute best.  Since you're getting married at your parents house location isn't an issue and it's a familiar place for him.  If you do this - you must share pics of the handsome ring bearer in his attire.
  • I kinda agree with your dad and Fi, to have someone walk him on that day is going to be hard. I really don't think you should give someone the title of "dog watcher" either. I love the idea, but to have someone walk to the dog and who knows how the dog will act in front of a lot of people. 
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    I love the idea and wish I could do so with my dog, but even at 10 yrs old, my Jack Russell is probably still more hyper than your lab. I hope to take at least a couple pics with my dog though even though he is scared of cameras...I consider him my canine son :-)

  • Thanks for your input guys! I think I'm gonna go for it and just see what happens. I'm going to ask one of my young boy cousins to walk/bathe him earlier in the day, then maybe have someone walk down the aisle with him. Then we're having a neighbor's son (parents will be attending wedding) come get him and walk him up to their house. Cameras don't bother him, more so all the people that he'll want to play with haha.  I'll def keep you updated:)

    cmfouchia- your baby is sooo cute! looks like he loves his little bed
    Nimi and Little Bite Photobucket
  • Im with Nattie on this one. Bad idea. You have already said he is rather excitable to begin with. How do you think he will react to walking down an aisle full of people he wants to play with. Has he been around that many people before? Who knows how he will react. He is, after all, a dog. He may want to run down and jump up on you if he's excited to see you. What about your guests? Is anyone afraid of dogs? Allergic? Too many variables, IMO.
  • I love your dog! He's so cute!!!

    We wanted to have Spartacus, our pup, be a part of our wedding as well. However, much like your boy, he can also be excited easily. And since he's a black lab & great dane mix he's much larger than your pup. So Sparty will probably be brought in for pictures after the ceremony and then sent home. 
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  • Ooh lab and great dane I bet he's beautiful! I love his name too:) Duke, the lab we had before Crockett weighed 140 pounds- breeder swore he was all lab! But he thought he was a chihauha haha

    Queen Jane, as far as my guests are concerned, most if not all have met and adore Crockett. In any case, I doubt a guest would be too terrified of a dog walking down the aisle nice and calmly on a leash on their own property. 

    I was more concerned about him getting too excited and jumping up on me or FI (he looooves him!) before pictures or anything. I think I'll play it by ear, see what his excitement level is the day of after his nice long walk- maybe just have someone bring him out later for pictures. 
    Nimi and Little Bite Photobucket
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