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Help! I'm losing a lung!

Alright so, my co-worker smokes. A lot. How does this effect me? She stands outside the back door of the office with the door propped open to allow her to get back in. Furthermore, she stands right next to the door while she smokes (especially when it's cold outside). My office happens to be very close to the back door and the smoke always makes its way into my lungs. She also goes directly to the ladies' room after she finishes smoking to wash her hands, which leaves the bathroom wreaking for at least 3 people after her (it's a one room bathroom with no windows or anything, so strong odors tend to linger, unforunately).

Now, one of my coworkers much further down the hall approached her about this once before and she got very defensive and claimed he was making it up. Uhhhh.... this has had no effect on her.

[This paragraph has been removed because I enjoy receiving a paycheck]

What's a tactful way to bring up this issue? [I love my job]

Re: Help! I'm losing a lung!

  • Say something to HR. I worked at a state fair where people could only smoke under blue areas. The fair decided not to look at the property a few years ago and some areas are not 25 feet away from food, rides, or animals. What's worse is my stand area people smoked around. It's a 100 fine to not smoke in the designated area. I emailed them and HOPEFULLY the rules change. I got sick from it and the said offenders were mostly from one company, it could get them fired too. In my opinion, a state fair should have smoking areas outside of the gates. Not inside.
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