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should we use a travel agent?

we are thinking of either going to Maui or Vieques PR for our HM we want to go the first week of Jan but I'm not sure if we should book it ourselves or through a travel agent. Thanks!

Re: should we use a travel agent?

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    [QUOTE]i dont trust travel agents any more than i do mechanics. but, i work with them and have to deal with them on a daily basis as they screw things up and try to overcharge clients.
    Posted by elahenara[/QUOTE]

    I think that like every job, there are good travel agents and bad ones. Unfortunately the bad ones are really bad, but there are still some good ones out there who work hard, don't screw their clients and can really help you. I worked in the travel industry for a long time and also have a lot of experience with ta's. But I know that the industry has changed a lot over the years, and there are a lot of people who are struggling to figure out how to continue to make a living at this. There's also a lot of people who think they are travel agents just because they were so good at booking their famiy vacation. It just never hurts to look around...if you have AAA, check them out.
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    A travel agent is priceless, if you can find a good one. =] I went through a couple who wouldn't return calls or didn't listen to my budget. But we ended up with one that was outstanding! The nice thing was not having to worry if I was messing up on something (we were going all the way to Fiji). She took care of everything. They actually met us when we got off the plane in Fiji and made sure we got to our island connector. The great thing also is that if something happens to a flight you simply call them and they will take care of it for you. Like others said, they are free so it doesn't hurt to try. Ours got us an amazing discount off of rack prices and also lots of add ons for free. 
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