October 2011 Weddings

Etsy Shop

I started an etsy shop with all of the extra supplies I had from wedding projects, as well as stuff that I made that I didn't end up using. Yay! Here's the link, if anyone is interested.


Re: Etsy Shop

  • That's a great idea - I didn't even think of putting the custom made stuff on Etsy - just the classified boards and stuff like that. Well my pomanders will be going to a friend who is using the same colors in her wedding, but I guess I could sell my other stuff. I'll probably keep my hair clip though since I love it :-) Good luck - your stuff looks awesome!
  • I'm keeping most of my own stuff -- like my hair clip. But I had some that I was using to "test" different ideas. So I figured, why not? The only thing that I'm selling that I actually used was the "table assigments" painting.
  • yeah been thinking about how to sell items we no longer need.  though I might keep the baskets as they are good for items.
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