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October 2011 Weddings

how many ceremony readings??

I've been looking at poems and things to read during the ceremony. I have 2 poems and about 3 short bible passages that I like. I'm sure the pastor can include the bible passages in what he talks about, but is 2 other poems too many? I haven't been to many weddings recently - but the one I did go to didn't have any poems, only 1 song.  I've also got a song that I'd like someone to sing, but I think that will ake place during the unity ceremony.

How many readings are you having, and in what order is your ceremony? Where do you put the poems, when do you do the unity candles, etc.??

Re: how many ceremony readings??

  • If we have a reading it will be only one. And there is a bit from the bible in the ceremony that the minister reads.

    If you have a song you like doing it during the unity ceremony would be a good time. You don't want the ceremony go on forever.
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    we're only having one reading, but it might end up being two, since both of the poems I found which we're going to use are wicked short, so it would be doable to have them both done; depends on what my cousin wants to do, since I asked her to do the readings.

    The church we're using (the church I grew up in and my parents are still members of) gave us a Wedding Book which has a part that is called "A Usual Order of Service for a Wedding Ceremony", and reads as follows:

    Oragn Preludes
    Processional Music
    Opening Words
    (Special Music)
    Question of Intent/Blessing
    Closing Words
    Organ Postlude

    But we were told that the ceremony can be pretty free-form and tailored to match what we'd like.
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  • We have two readings...and I've no idea on the order.
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    I think we're just having one reading.  Here's our order:

    Scripture Reading

    Marriage Vows 
    Exchange of Rings 
    Declaration of Marriage 
    Lighting of Unity Candle

    The Lord’s Prayer 
    The Benediction 
    Introduction of the Married Couple 
    The Recessional


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    We're not having any readings, my mom bought us unity candles but I'm not even sure we're going to do those. I'm leaning more towards keeping it short & sweet then on with the celebration. 
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