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October 2011 Weddings

My dad rocks-upgrading our menu!!!!

So I've always felt a little awkward that we selected a more casual menu to fit our budget-broasted (aka fried) chicken, italian sausage, lemon chicken...but, since we're paying for it, I put on a smiley face and pretended it didn't bother me.
We went to my parents house yesterday to get a few of my things and my dad offered to help us upgrade our menu so we didn't have to do the fried chicken. 
I showed him the menu and he asked about doing chicken marsala instead.  I told him it was a $2.50 per person switch and he looked hesitant so I wasn't sure if he was going to.  Instead, he said he'd like to do a full upgrade and get chicken marsala and prime rib!  He sad he doesn't care how much it is and he wants to pay the difference for us.

So, here's my question...we signed the contract with the basic package and at the time, the formal package was $28 a person.  Now they've raised their rates and it's like $36.  Do you think they would give us the original package price at the time we signed the contract or do you think they would make us pay the new price?
Crossing my fingers, cuz I won't find out til Mon or  Tues...
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