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October 2011 Weddings

Is this BM Dress ok for October?

While shopping for my dress, I had my sister (my  MOH and only attendant) try on some dresses and I fell in love with this one.  we're having a 6:00 wedding on 10-8-2011 and I'm not sure it's appropriate since it is chiffon.

If you do like it, Purple or Deep

Gray?  I can't decide since those are my colors and it's gorgeous in both.

Thank you :)
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Re: Is this BM Dress ok for October?

  • I think it's fine. I like the grey, but I'd have to see the purple.
  • It is perfect for the time of day. Nice jewelry would make it fancier/ more formal if you feel it isn't formal enough. I think it is fine as is.

    Color wise. It looks good in gray. Does she have a color preference for the dress that se will be wearing? If she like purple over the gray (or vice versa) that solves the color problem.
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  • I love it.  There is really no certain type of style that goes or doesn't go with the time/season etc.
  • I think it looks gorgeous! its such a pretty dress and it will definitely work for october.  The color I would go with purple, but thats just becuase it's my favorite color.  I think it will look great in either color, its totally up to you! :o)
  • I think it looks gorgeous no matter what the season.  I am partial to purple myself, but i'd let the wearer decide!

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  • Well thanks ladies for all the input!  We'll go with this dress...and I think I will just let her pick the color.
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  • Yes the color and style is perfect. It's really nice.
  • I think the dress is great...I love both colors...most of the dresses I like are chiffon as well...same date and time
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