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I is back

And TK is acting so weird. I keep having to log in to post and everything looks strange... maybe it's just me. 

How is everyone? Did you guys have a great Christmas/Holidays/etc? 

I have the pictures from the wedding but I still haven't had time to go through and edit them all (Add not having a TRULY professional photographer to my list of regrets that I am trying to ignore). But hopefully I'll get to that on this week off of work and then I can be an AW.

What's going on with the BBC? I have been unfortunately absent and missed the progression and TK acting up is making it hard to go back and look at what's up with that. 

Hope all is well with you ladies!
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Re: I is back

  • Welcome back! My Christmas was good, though I'm still tired from all the time in the car! Yes TK is being wonky. I had the same log in problems for a bit. I also keep seeing people as different SN's sometimes, or the usual time stamp issues. Annoying! Are you on the website Good Reads? We have a book club over there to help us stay organized, you should join if you haven't already. There hasn't been a lot of discussion yet, I think everyone is at many different points, some are finished and/or have already read it prior, and some haven't started yet. I got to page 100 and put up a post a couple days ago.
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  • Welcome back Raelily!

    Sessions - I joined Good Reads but I don't see how to get to our group.  Help, please.

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  • I is back too.  I need to find out about this ghost mod stuff.  Thanks FB.  :)
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