November 2011 Weddings

Just another Manic Monday... (whoa, whoa)

A little old school Bangles to get the week started.  :-)

I'm under the weather with a really odd flu-like bug - fever, body aches and nausea.  I'm hoping it goes away fast because I have a show this week, tech and dress rehearsals every night and performances Fri-Sun.

Got some good news yesterday - by filing our federal return jointly we got an unexpectedly fabulous refund!  We figured since we are both freelance we would need to file separately, but our tax advisor ran the numbers and found out otherwise.  Hurrah for marriage!  :-)  We had to file the state returns separately though since H is still technically a legal resident of PA (because of school).  We agreed he needs to start working on declaring residency in NJ now that he has graduated.
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