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Any1 Planning a cruise for thier 2011 honeymoon?

I know its early, lol. But this thread is full of early birds so i wanted to know if anyone is planning a cruise? Me and My FI are planning to sail on the oasis of the seas in the Caribbean.the ship looks more than amazing. If you haven't heard about it, its a brand new ship by Royal Caribbean and i think the biggest cruise ship to date.www.oasisoftheseas.comI thought it would be cool if we would be sailing with other knottie honeymooners. That way we wouldn't have assigned dinner seating with complete strangers and it will be fun to do other cruise activities with other couples. I'm on a cruise forum that does "meet & mingle" get togethers on the cruise... so it would be nice to also meet knotties and hear wedding day stories.Anyway, just an idea if anyone hasn't choose thier honeymoon trip yet or has been planning a cruise but haven't choose a ship.

Re: Any1 Planning a cruise for thier 2011 honeymoon?

  • We are seriously lookinginto a cruise. it seems to be the cheap alternative to a LONGER honeymoon, and these all inclusives seem good. if anyone stumbles on any boarding in galveston let me know. im a texas girl! I am so thrilled to see others posting finally!!!
  • I am planning a cruise!!! I just have no idea where! I will have to take a look at the Royal Caribbean!
  • We are planning a Hawaii cruise for out 2011 Honeymoon.  FI and I are cruise addicts and have been on 6 cruises together.

    We already have the ship picked out and everything!  I'm just waiting to book it! :)
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