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check check check

found our place puttint deposit down in january. waiting so long because they require 50% down and its a pricy place. its a vineyard and it is PERFECT. the absolute ideal of what i had in my mind of where to say i do
i am so happy

now i just have to find my anne barge perfect dress look alike somewhere

okay, now on to flower help.

i have been collecting these weird wine bottles and scrubbing their labels off to use as vases for centerpieces since it IS at a vineyard and they are the PERFECT color. only problem is that the head of the bottle is small in width, i need to know what kind of flower or bundle, would look really good has to be tall and skinny at the bottom but hopefully big blooms to add a pop... any ideaS????\\

ps i just stumbled on october 2011 and their board is bangin, we need to wake up and get to it girls..!!! comeon!

Re: check check check

  • i wonder if there's some kind of a lilly or iris that would work? i'm having a hard time thinking about what would be in season in november!!  my first instinct was sunflowers, but i don't think that's in season...i guess it would just depend on your colors!

    i LOVE the wine bottle idea.  sooo perfect for a vineyard wedding.  to quote the a-team, "i love it when a plan comes together!"
  • I LOVE the wine bottle idea too!Smile and congrats for booking your venue!!

    I wish i could help with the flowers idea but i don't know a thing about anything floral at all lol. Maybe some synthetic grapes with whatever flowers you choose would really go well with your wine/vineyard theme.
  • thanks ladies. i think we are gonna go with a single white lille fully bloomed in each. and we came to know the wine bottles will be tall so we are using them for cake tables and such instead of centerpieces... :(

    good thing i have two years to perfect allof this.
    not to mention my best friend just put her deposit down on my same place so i will get to see first hand how weddings work with this vineyard.

    i have 3 weddings im in next year. june 19. july3rd and september 18th. so by the end of next year I should definitely be a wedding pro :) illbe sure to share all. no worries ;!
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