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Macy's Rewards (Juris look here)

Juris, I think you talked about the Macy's registry rewards on the R&G board awhile back.  Did you get your gift card with the 5% of total purchases of the registry?

Did anyone else who had a Macy's registry get their gift card yet? I got the "congratulations" card with the 10% completion discount, but nothing else. 

Just curious.  H has been asking me about it lately.
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Re: Macy's Rewards (Juris look here)

  • No and H and I discussed this the other day. I think I am going to call after New Year's. The only thing I got was a coupon for completion discounts. The program info did say that the card would include anything purchased up to 60 days (I think it was 60, either that or 90) after the event, so that may be the delay. It doesn't hurt to check on it though.
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  • I called a couple weeks ago. They told me it typically gets sent out 45 days after your date. If guest purchase after you get the gift card, they will send you another one.
    Also, I called and ask my amount I would be getting. It seems off. Did anyone else amount seem off?
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  • Ok, I'll wait it out another month.  I'm curious if Macy's goes to 20% like Spike mentioned. 
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  • I haven't heard of the 20%. I get coupons all the time but its usually for 15% for home. Throughout the year, they have special coupons you can buy. We donated $5 to charity and received a 25% off coupon for everything but electics. Electrics were 15% off. We ended up using a ton of our giftcards from our shower to use the 25% off.
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  • chrissyinatlchrissyinatl member
    edited January 2012
    I got my Rewards card last week.  I was really surprised because it kind of looked like junk mail and there wasn't really an explanation in there - just the gift card and the amount.  But I was super happy to get it!
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