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monkeygirl18 & other Sandals travellers..

We're going to the Grande in St. Lucia in a little over a week and just received a call from them asking about booking tours. They said some tours fill up fast. Should we book tours directly through Sandals now or through the vendors when we are there? One of the tours we def. are thinking about doing is between Simon Says and Joes Knows. TIA!

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Re: monkeygirl18 & other Sandals travellers..

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    We've never booked tours through Sandals before arriving. We always wait till our first full day there and do it in the morning. 

    As for Simon Says (throguh Sandals) or Joe Knows  skip it. Look for Charlie on the beach of the Grande. He's a local who runs Charlies Tours. His tour was amazing!

    The following is from my review on our website (link is above my siggy pic if you want the full review of the Grande from March 2012)

    I highly recommend doing a tour of the island whether by land or by speed boat (we did speed boat) with a local vs Sandals. I guarantee you will have a much better experience. That being said, here are the tour details: 

    We left our resort (he picks up right on the beach at the Grande) and started heading down the west coast of the island. We saw lots of resorts and fishing villages along the way. We went through a cave that is refereed to as lovers canal , made a stop in Marigot Bay and stopped at the Pitons where our 2nd mate took our photo. After our photo op we headed to Soufriere to dock. We pulled in to Soufriere where we hopped in a cab (mini van) to head to the mineral bath and mud bath.

    Once we arrived at the mineral baths we went into the one that is a waterfall. Our guide took each couples pic as they where standing under the falls. After our pic we hopped into the second mineral bath which is pretty much a natural hot tub and was very warm, relaxing and smooth.

    After the mineral baths we hopped back in the mini van and headed up to the mud baths. The mud baths were really hot and stinky but kind of a neat experience. After dousing myself in mud (hubby was a party pooper and didn't do it) Garth ( our guide) took my pic and then I washed off in the showers (the actual mud pool was way too hot, about 100 degrees) 

    With our mud baths done we headed to Charlies aunts house for an authentic St. Lucian lunch. The house was adorable and she had tables set up on her porch. Lunch was served buffet style. She had made about 6 different dishes and it was all very delicious.

    Once lunch was done we went snorkeling at Jalousie Plantation beach ( right between the Pitons ). The fish that you could see at the base of the Pitons were really beautiful. 
    After snorkeling it was time to head back to the resort. Once we started back to the resort our guides offered us drinks (beer, soda or juice). The ride back was a lot of fun as the winds were really kicking so the boat was bouncing around a lot.

    This was a half day tour and we got back around 2pm, but we sure were tired as a lot was packed into 6 short hours. 

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    We did the exact same tour as PP.  We didn't book through Sandals, we booked through the Exodus tours with the captain (Vince) right on the beach.  It was awesome and I would highly recommend it!!!  I booked our ziplining tour online through the Sandals website before we left so I wouldn't have to worry about it.  That was great as well.
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    great thank you! I will try and do that tour instead (:
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    I'm headed to Halcyon in July of next year and I can hardly wait!!
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