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Freeeeeeeeedom Friday!

Re: Freeeeeeeeedom Friday!

  • Tonight DH and I will be putting in an offer on a house.  :D

    Tomorrow, probably nothing.  Laying around mostly.

    Sunday my parents are coming over to order pizza and hang out.

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  • I'm hopefully going to be able to visit some friends of mine who are recovering from an car accident on Tuesday. They got hit by a drunk driver at NOON. I seriously don't understand people sometimes... 

    Also trying out a wedding gift for the first time, a nice new crock pot. I had to remember the first rule of cooking with a crock pot was to plug it in. :) I'm not very smart. 
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  • We closed this morning!!!!!!!!! So we are going out tonight to celebrate!

    It is also BIL's birthday this weekend so we are going out with them tomorrow.

    And there will be lots of packing and organizing :)
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  • Babysitting lots this weekend - a 6 year old friend who called and asked if she could have a sleepover at our house, and then our friends 1.5 yo so they can go to dinner and a movie for their anniversary.

    Other than that, just enjoying my puppy and husband! :)

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  • Yay Juris, congrats!!

    I'm hoping to have a very low-key weekend. After a busy weekend last weekend, plus traveling to Atlanta this week, I am wiped out! I don't even feel like working today, but I can't put anything off as May is going to be very busy as well. So I'm hoping to just chill out around the house with H, and maybe go to a movie, nothing special. I want to see 5 Year Engagement, we'll see if I can convince H to go!
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  • Congrats, Juris!

    No big plans.  I was hoping to work in the yard, so I'm hoping mother nature cooperates.  Our friends have adopted a puppy and she arrives tomorrow.  I'm so excited for them and their 4-year-old daughter.  She loves our dog, so she will be over the moon when she meets her new puppy!
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  • jcg98jcg98 member
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    Raeily, that sucks!  I hope your friends are on the mend!

    Congrats Juris!  So exciting! 

    Nothing really concrete for the weekend.  H has a gig in Lancaster PA tomorrow night and I'm debating whether or not to go with him.  It's a long drive and I have to be up early on Sunday for auditions (I'm the music director for a summer production of "Children of Eden".) 

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  • edited April 2012
    Sessions - Good luck with the offer!
    Raeily - That's ridiculous. A police officer/friend I knew in middle school died because he stopped to pull over a drunk driver (put him in his backseat), and when he was pulling out, another drunk driver t-boned him (with his headlights off. it was 1AM). He died and both drunks lived. 
    Juris - Congrats!!

    ... My mom's cousin's daughter had her thyroid removed recently but they found cancer. She has 4 kids (including 10 month old TRIPLETS) so my mom's taking 2 of the babies for the weekend while she undergoes radiation. DH and I are going over to help out tonight and tomorrow. 

    Sunday we're going to church, a friend's graduation party and then I'm going to a local TN GTG while DH goes to a work meeting
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    [QUOTE]Congrats Juris! Sessions, I am in the same boat with you. We put an offer in for a house this morning. I HATE waiting. I just want an answer! He has until tomorrow night to get back to us. Ugh! Waiting..........
    Posted by spikeinc[/QUOTE]
    We are having a new home built for us.  The builder's realtor was present and she made it sound like our offer was a sure thing.  I'm so excited to start picking things out!  Good luck to you guys!
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