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Who is excited for the holidays??? I know i am.

Trying to figure out how to decorate our apartment. Never did decorations myself. Any decorating tips??

better yet, anyone have any pics of past or present decor that you did yourself??


  • oh I have already taken over our house. Tree is up, full of presents. outside is decorated. inside is fully decked. If i could have christmas all the time i would. i love the way it feels, sounds, smells!! ahhh

    :) we have a small boombox behind the tree that plays christmas music at a very very low volume from the moment i put the tree up ti l jan 2nd. we used the big candycane decor this year. lines out sidewalk and hung white lights draped on each side to make a santa pathway. we have a trio of reindeer, and the inside we have wreaths and candles galore :) i have alittle snowman set up in the kitchen and i dont use a star as a topper i use the little sparkle filler at the top. il have to take a pic and put it up here. its my favorite part of christmas!!! all the oldies come over and tell me how unorthodoxed i am.. but they love it :)

    ahh!!!!! I think I am the only person in TEXAS that is done with their christams shopping, minus the fiance since he was with me everye shopping moment :)
  • wow dorie...impressive!

    I just did a couple lights around the TV lol...

    Never really decorated for chrstmas before so i don't think it was tooo bad for my first try. But it's definitely not decked out.

    We have a 4ft tree and me and FI decorated it together. I put on the holiday music and we added the ornaments together. It was kind of special. We may get a bigger tree but for now, this is perfect.
  • We started decorating our house on Sunday. We have so many and we arent even close to being done. We have a village that we set up and all the houses and builings have lights that light them up and the town people are all around, we put that up in a window seil. On our piano is the village of bethlahem and in the middle is the stable and Christ is being born. Its way cute. We put up nativity scenes everywhere! We also put up reif type things all over and lights woven in them. Lights are all around the house! I just dont really know how to explain it all
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