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Cousin's MOH, WTF (LONG)

Yes, I am a BM in my cousin's wedding this coming October. She was a BM in my wedding this past fall and wasn't anything spectacular. I didn't really ask much from anyone since they all lived out of state, which was fien with me I understood. She bought her dress (she even got to pick it out) and was at the wedding. But that is all I can say.

She was rude the entire weekend, anti-social, unpleasent during the RD and pictures, couldn't even force a fake smile, and held her flowers backwards in all the wedding photo's, argh. Anyway, needless to say, she should have just said no and stayed in NJ.

Now this cousin has already sent me a very rude message regarding my children attending her wedding. Mind you we grew up together and were practically sisters as we are the only cousins on our side of the family, she has 2 siblings both 5 years younger, and that is it. She is having kids but basically told me mine weren't good enough to make the cut but if I brought them to NJ she would pay for a babysitter the night of the RD and wedding. Well, she might have started that msg with "are you planning on bringin them so we can work on numbers?" or something less rude because we aren't. They will both be in school and she is getting married in the middle of the week.

Anyway, I get the below message from her MOH last night in my FB. I already flew to NJ to surprise this cousin last August for her engagement party and was greeted with the same disdain as at my wedding. I don't think I am obligated to do a damn thing for her considering the lack of response or even excitement or happiness she showed at our wedding. For crying out loud she left the reception at 8pm. I am seriously considering dropping out of the WP. *mental head slap*

"*~*~*Tim & Jaime's Wedding*~*~*

Hey everyone! Just wanted to touch base with you all and talk about wedding stuff. Hope you're all having a great year so far! I can't believe we're less than 9 months away! I wanted to get everyone's contact information so we can keep in touch leading up to the wedding. As for the bridal party duties, I wanted to know what everyone's tentative schedules will be like in the months leading up to the big day. Just let me know in general what you've got going on (e.g. Work, school and a 5K). This will give me a better idea of the amount of time you'll be able to put in for everything.

-The Bridal Shower-
I think a bridal shower is typically 3 months before the wedding which would put us in July. For those that don't live in the area, would you possibly be able to come out to NJ around that time? I totally understand if people are bogged down with school, work etc., but just let me know. I'm going to talk to Jaime's mom more about this since I'm sure her extended family would like to be there as well.

-The Bachelorette Party-
Are you all cool with bars and going out somewhere? I'm assuming this is going to be held on Wednesday, Oct 10 since the rehearsal is the next day.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any issues, ideas you have for the parties or questions. I just moved to Missouri and I'm not in school right now so I have A LOT of time on my hands! Looking forward to talking to all of you soon! =) You can reply back to me any way you want whether it's on FB or an email or a text. Whatever you wanna do. Here is all my info:"

Thank you if you actually read all of that. I had just had to vent. She actually referred to our Bridal Party Duties. I almost wrote back: Yes I'll be there on the wedding day with my dress. But I controlled myself last night.
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